Sysnet provided Cabling, Electrical, and IBM and Sun Mainframe Computer and Storage
Area Network Technical Support


· Due to the exorbitant number a physical tape volumes created over the years from the IBM mainframe environment, a comprehensive strategy needed to be devised for the purposes of moving the IBM environment into a server-based enterprise architecture that accommodated systems development lifecycle technology approaches.


· Sysnet America was IBM systems engineering consultants assisted the information technology department in migrating all physical tape volumes to a very powerful and stable automated tape library system, one that was accessible by both the IBM programming development staff as well as the PC-based environment for backup and recovery as well as volume access. this implementation constituted a full circle IBM Seeing Eye server implementation as well as migrating to IBM’s current version of the z/OS operating system for enterprise interoperability.


· Sysnet technicians worked alongside both Sun Microsystems as well as IBM and Storage Technology mass storage system technical personnel for the purposes of analyzing both disk and tape migration capacity planning, executing mainframe to automated tape migration as well as providing physical planning and cable installation to secure the entire enterprise.



· The objective of cutting over more than 35,000 physical tape volumes onto a software-based automated tape library system was exclusively handled by Sysnet America Incorporated within the anticipated project time frame and all files were successfully migrated and able to provide access to the entire enterprise both PC-based and IBM mainframe.



Sysnet America Incorporated