Key Attributes about Sysnet America and what we value and believe….


· We believe that Sysnet America must provide excellent service and products to our clients in order to sustain continued growth and credibility in the industry. We also believe that our leadership must strive to provide consistent growth and profitability to our shareholders. Sysnet’s clients and shareholders expect us to be a leader in our chosen markets, providing our customers with a path to the future technology migration. To meet these challenges our executive staff will strive to continually create an innovative work environment that encourages risk taking balanced with solid business judgment.


· In order to support such an environment we must populate our technical, financial and logistical staff with committed individuals, who have both good ideas and open minds. We want all of our people to use their experience   and their learning to help shape a vision for our future, helping  one anther attain that future. These are reliable people who effectively respond to all clients with a strong  sense of urgency and who deliver what they say they will.


· We value our employees, believing that they can be successful not only in management roles  but also as individual contributors. We encourage people to be flexible and versatile in their personal and professional growth.


· We seek strong leaders who will empower and coach our rank and file. We encourage constructive debate, bringing opposing views together to attain the best solution. We recognize that such debate requires critical thinkers, with a wide variety of backgrounds and diverse points of view. We interact with each other directly, openly, and honestly in order to foster an atmosphere of trust. Upon decision, we close ranks and execute with excellence. The objective and end results of our debate is to produce progress, not winners or losers.


· We recognize that a positive attitude increases the value that each person brings to the company. It helps make Sysnet America Incorporated a fun place to work.


· We value people who know how to work efficiently and competently and we recognize the importance of a sound home life. Above all else, we conduct business ethically and demand excellence in everything that we do.

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