Providing Enterprise Network Architecture for the U.S. Postal Headquarters



· As a result of repeated wire faults resulting in session disconnections , SYSNET installed 110 new 10Base-T  connections and (3) concentrators. Each cable installation was certified by verifying connectivity to the building-wide backbone network as well the locally attached Netware fileserver housing all Transportation related databases.       


· Many of the existing ethernet 10Base2 and 10Base5 computer room connections undocumented and  occasionally encountered problems that were related to the physical wire or its connections.. Many of these connections were documented and replaced by SYSNET to provide better service.


· There was a network flooding of catastrophic proportion that affected the entire Postal Headquarters network. The end result of this problem was that a 4:00pm every day, more than a thousand users lost their backbone connectivity at one time. THIS PROBLEM WAS WIDELY KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE POSTAL SERVICE AS THE INFAMOUS "4:00 GREMLIN"


· The Postal Service contacted the Mitre Corporation, Planning Research Corporation , and the INET Corporation to identify the source and resolution of this problem. After several days of frustration a called was placed to SYSNET Headquarters, after brief consultation with the O&EIS technical staff, Members of SYSNET's  Senior Network Management Engineers  and Senior Media Specialist's designed a structured , methodical problem determination approach that resulted in the resolution of this very elusive problem within 3 days. SYSNET'S strategic planning not only resolved this problem but gave birth to the foundation of the enterprise configuration that exists to this very day.


A VERBAL COMMENDATION WAS GIVEN TO OUR STAFF BY Postal Service executive information technology and Postmaster Gen. Staff.

Sysnet America Incorporated