Providing Security and Information Technology for the Corcoran Art Gallery

First IP† Wireless Camera Experiment

Camera Control Room Expertise

IP Wireless Camera Installation

 Sysnet cable media and security specialists installed some of the very first wireless camera apparatus available on the market. Due to the massive influx of rare artifacts that are shown at the Corcoran in various galleries, the ability to mobilize the security staff as well as secure will all items is an increasingly difficult endeavor.


 Sysnet security specialist designed a wireless camera infrastructure that was integrated into the existing physical security and uniformed security staff responsibilities. This involved extensive secure cable installation as well as positioning and installing both software and hardware associated with all wireless camera paralysis.


 The implementation required Sysnetís network infrastructure specialists to configure a flat IP addressable subnet for the purposes of monitoring and controlling both local Corcoran art as well as materials Corcoran sites throughout the Washington metropolitan area of a high-speed T-1 lines.


 Sysnetís technicians were involved in testing some of the very first German manufactured wireless pan tilt zoom cameras available in the United States and worked with European companies to perfect the installation documentation as well as technical support for this new and emerging technology.

Sysnet America Incorporated††